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Review: Rivona Aloe Vera Gel

Product Review

Review: Rivona Aloe Vera Gel

There aren’t many products that take care of multipurpose uses. However, there is one product that I would personally recommend when it comes to this. I’m talking about the one and only Aloe Vera gel. Many of us already know that this is a magic potion and has several uses. One can say that this is a boon for the beauty industry.
I am highly fond of Aloe Vera gels and use it on a daily basis. Recently, I completed my tube of Patanjali Aloe Vera gel and thought of buying a new gel brand. While surfing online for the same, I came across Rivona Naturals Aloe Vera Gel. And no points for guessing that I bought this and will be reviewing it today. It has been almost three weeks that I’ve been using it and to know more about my experience, keep reading this article.



Rs. 325 for 125 mL


Aloe juice, Aqua, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate-20, Acrylate copolymer, Triethanolamine, Fragrance


Rivona Naturals is a 99% soothing and moisturizing Aloe Vera gel. It is Paraben and Sulphate free. Most of the gels available nowadays are loaded with preservatives which make them more harmful than beneficial. It claims to be rich in vitamin and can be used to get rid of pimples and wrinkles. It helps in treating sunburns, reddish skin and can be used as a makeup base. Apply it as a primer before putting on makeup to keep your makeup on for a long time. In order to keep the nails healthy, the Aloe Vera gel should be applied regularly on the nails with the help of a nail paint brush.

There is no need to buy a hair serum as it works perfectly well as a hair styling substance. It can be applied on the hair directly before straightening or curling to maintain the hairstyle for a longer time and to get sleek and shiny hair instantly. This soothing gel works wonders for swollen or puffy eyes. An eye mask can be created by putting some gel on a piece of cotton and applying it on the eyes. This reduces the swelling in a matter of a few minutes and also treats the dark circles. You can also make a face mask or moisturizing cream by mixing with oil and applying on the face. Remove this mask after a few minutes to get moisturized skin.
The product comes in a sturdy green bottle which resembles the shape of an Aloe Vera. It is travel-friendly. The consistency of the gel is similar to any other Aloe Vera gel available in the market. It is non-sticky and has a mild fragrance to it which thankfully is not over the top.


I cannot stress enough the importance of an Aloe Vera gel. This one product has multiple uses. It can be applied on various body parts such as face, neck, arms, legs and hair. Since the product is organic and free of paraben and sulphates, I think it is a good buy in this price bracket. I would recommend this product, so go ahead and try it!

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