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Ripped Clothes – Back with a Bang!


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Ripped Clothes – Back with a Bang!

2017 was a year of comebacks and I’m not talking about Ed Sheeran. Or Katy Perry. (Even though these would definitely feature in my top 10 comebacks of 2017. :-P). What I AM talking about is ripped clothes. And looks like, they’re here to stay! Ripped clothes and more specifically ripped jeans seem to the hottest trend right now. From Beyonce to Kim Kardashian, everyone is eager to shred their clothes a bit this summer! They’re more subtle this time, with fewer and smaller rips and cuts but are as comfortable, trendy and quirky as ever. Looks like you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket this summer to be trendy, just in your jeans!

Although they are super trendy and quirky, it is a challenge to style them the right wayw. Because of the distressed look, ripped clothes have a very casual and non-polished feel to them. But if styled the right way, they look cool and super-chic. Here are some trendy ways to style your ripped jeans, tees, skirts and more!

Ripped Jeans:

Since they are already a bit loud and messy, pair them up with simple and plain tops.
You can opt for a tight fitting tank top and statement necklace to give an uber-chic look.
A plain and loose tee with sneakers would look very classy and comfortable with a skinny ripped jeans.

 ripped jeans

Image Source: Pinterest

For a more polished look, you can pair a ripped jeans with a shirt. Front-tuck a plain, simple shirt and pair it up with some boots or heels for a classy look.

ripped jeans tucked in

Image Source:

Sweatshirts or slogan tees with tight-fitting ripped jeans are always a classic and easy-to-carry combination. Pair this look with some sneakers and you are ready to steal the show!

ripped jeans sweatshirt

Image Source: Pinterest

Ripped shorts:

You can never go wrong with a pair of distressed denim shorts. It’s cool, comfortable and chic, especially when it’s a 50 degrees outside!
Pair it up with your favourite tee or sweatshirt and sneakers for a very comfortable and street-style look.

 ripped shorts sweatshirt

Image Source: Pinterest

If you feel like dressing up a bit with ripped shorts, go for an off-shoulder top and some classy accessories. You can go for flats or even heels with this look.


Image Source:

Ripped skirts:

Ripped skirts look really street-chic and cool when worn the right way. You can team this trendy piece of clothing up with a plain tee and sneakers for a very cool and comfortable look. Go for light-coloured tops with denim skirts.

rippped skirt with top

Image Source:

For a more polished or fancier look, go for crop tops or off-shoulder tops. Add some trendy accessories such as long earrings or simple neck-pieces. You can make this look work with flats as well as heels.


Image Source: Pinterest

Apart from these, ripped tees and tops are also creating some buzz. Ripped tees look best when paired either with ripped bottom-wear or a pair of skinny jeans and minimum accessories.

So, what are you waiting for? Go pop a few holes in those denims and rock the day, ladies!

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