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Sandalwood Powder Benefits for Face: Uses, Cures, and Medicinal Properties


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Sandalwood Powder Benefits for Face: Uses, Cures, and Medicinal Properties

Skin problems like after marks, dark spots, smuts, pimple, and dark circles are really a worry for many. However, Ayurvedic ingredient- sandalwood powder is a remedy for clear skin, which also soothes acne, rashes, pimples, blemishes and other skin issues, leaving you with rejuvenated and clean appearance. Let us understand how this natural cure assists people today.


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Sandalwood Powder Benefits for Face

With progressing age, constant exposure to environmental pollution, skin can lose its lustre and softness, giving way to pimples and dark spots. An easy solution is to seek sandalwood paste for acne scars and other blemishes. With anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, these natural elements can clean your skin within minutes and remove any dirt and oiliness from pores. Add rose water, camphor powder, and lemon juice in appropriate amount for best effect.

How to Make Sandalwood Paste?

Before we talk about the huge array of benefits sandalwood brings for skin and face, let us look how to make sandalwood paste.

1. Take Sandalwood stick:

    1. Try to buy original and good quality sandalwood. One that smells the natural may be authentic.

2. Lay it on a Rough Platform:

    1. Stone platforms (you can purchase from a supermarket), are great to grind the sandalwood stick on. Lay it on middle of the platform.

3. Work on it:

    1. Start slow by driving the stick up and down. Mix little water, as the stick begins to powder or you can add ingredients you want to include in face pack, say lemon juice, milk etc.

4. Keep Grinding:

    1. Keep the stick in position and gently grind on. You can pace up as needed. You will notice that a nice composition of thin sandalwood paste is already forming.

5. Collect the Paste:

    Do not let any drop go waste! Collect the paste in nearest clean bowl and keep it aside for use.

Here listed is few more ways how sandalwood benefits skin for both women and men:

1. Soft Skin:

    1. Turmeric powder, holy powder in sandalwood powder for face mixed with little water can be applied on face and kept for 15 minutes to dry. Wash it off and feel the difference, your face would be as soft as that of a new born.

2. Anti-aging Property:

    1. By shrinking skin pores and improving skin texture, sandalwood benefits you with a scar-less, spotless face for a long time. Due to its anti-aging property, this ingredient stops skin tissues from drooping, maintain your youthful appearance.

3. Deter Skin Conditions:

    1. If you are blessed with good skin, you can still take advantage of natural solutions. After all, it has been proved that sandalwood powder face pack can keep away skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, ringworm rash and more.

4. Anti-tanning Property:

    The natural oils of sandalwood powder for face can aptly detoxify your skin and protect it from tanning. It soothes harsh sunburns almost immediately.

Sandalwood Powder Uses: The Most Satisfactory Results

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages of sandalwood, here are some of the most popular uses of this natural item.

1. Acne and Pimple Treatment:

    1. Working effectively to fight fungi and bacteria, sandalwood powder for acne helps the skin to stay protected from breakout of acne and pimples.

2. Relief from Heat:

    1. During summers or humid conditions, sandalwood paste acts as cooling astringent property to subside prickliness on face and skin, keeping the skin away from the heat.

3. Clear Complexion:

    1. Forget dark and dull complexion, apply sandalwood powder and stay clear off any damage to the skin. You will look as good as a model, without the need of touch up.

4. No Itchiness:

    1. Rashes, sores, and redness on skin can cease within half an hour, if you apply sandalwood on face and then wash off after some good minutes. The effect is, subsiding inflammation, which reduces itchiness.

Thus, sandalwood powder and paste, (whichever you are comfortable with) houses solutions for myriad skin problems. Apply sandalwood on face and keep skin troubles away.

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