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Selecting a Wedding Gown for Your Body Type Made Easy


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Selecting a Wedding Gown for Your Body Type Made Easy

If you’re a bride-to-be, you probably have an image of your perfect wedding dress just waiting for you to pick out!
But one of the common problems that brides to be highlight, is that the myriad of wedding gown choices can be overwhelming. From different cuts, colours to the latest trends to look out for, you might find that choosing a wedding gown might not be as simple as you first thought.

Let’s look at which wedding dresses are perfect for which body types.



Go for a dress with a skirt that flares out to an A-line from your waist to toe, defining the waist and making it appear slimmer. Heavier fabrics like duchesse satin will help maintain this structure. Also, try a bodice with ruches or gather to add volume to the top. The idea is to enhance your top, while defining your waist and de-emphasizing your lower body, creating an hour-glass form.

Hourglass Figured:


Go for a trumpet or mermaid styled dress. Be it fitted through the hips to the thighs or flared at the knees, these dress styles show off the figure that most women strive for.



Go for an A-line dress. Defining your waist and then letting it flare out towards the hemline in the shape of an A. Choose a bodice with textures and embellishments like lace and crystals, that fit firmly much like a corset. Most importantly, choose either a narrow or deep V neckline, to create more verticals lines. Stay away from trumpet or mermaid styled dresses, which accentuates your top and instead, flares out at your thighs or knees where you’re most slender.



Go for a dress that will create some body curves. Like a ball gown that pulls in at your waist and flows into a full, floor-length skirt to camouflage that silhouette (the right bra will also provide a nicely added boost). Also, explore a more romantic bodice with some frills and pleats to add volume and break the straight lines of your body. Avoid adding too much details at the waist. Yes to more definition.



Go for a modernized A-line dress. Having the waist line above your own natural one, coupled with a pair of heels, will make the dress appear longer and you looking taller. Stay away from anything calf-length (which reveals your heels and make your legs look short).



Go for something simple. Let the gown show off your silhouette with a lower waistline and a sweep styled (about six inches on the floor) train. If you’re thinking of sleeves, go full length. With your statuesque beauty, you’ll definitely be able to pull off elegance, grace and majesty.



Go for a full A-line with an empire waist cut, and choose a fabric with structure. The dress should fit nicely and as much as possible, define your shape. Try exploring a wide V neckline with straps and let the empire seam start below the chest area and cinch in at the waist line. Avoid dresses that are flowy and lighter fabrics which are more suitable to maternity dresses.

So brides-to-be, enjoy the process of wedding planning, and have loads of fun in your search for the perfect wedding dress!

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