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Shaving Your Body Hair the Right Way


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Shaving Your Body Hair the Right Way

Professional swimmers remove nearly all of the hair from their body to decrease drag and resistance. If you’re looking to remove some body hair your reasons for reducing drag and resistance may have nothing to do with swimming.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to shave your body hair, politely keep them to yourself. We don’t want to know. We just want you to know how to shave your body hair the right way.




If you are going to shave your chest, you are going to need the right tools. Begin by finding a quality trimmer , preferably with a guide, and shave your entire chest.

Move the clippers with the grain and be sure to shave everything. Go all the way to your waist and forget about leaving a happy trail. There’s nothing happy about it.

Once you have shaved your chest hair into a stubble, it’s time to break out the rest of the tools you will need.

Thoroughly apply shaving cream to your chest. Then remove the shaving cream and the stubble with your standard shaving razor. The one you use on your face will do, so long as it has a fresh blade.

If you though nicking your lip or your chin was terrible you definitely don’t want to experience nicking your nipple. Be sure to shave with the grain being extra careful around sensitive areas.

Once you have removed all of the stubble and shaving cream apply a moisturizer to replenish all of the moisture the razor removed and to reduce redness.


For those of you not lucky enough to have someone willing to do it for you, you are going to need to learn how to shave your back. That is unless they’re into the hole mountain man thing.

The process of shaving to remove hair doesn’t change much from face to chest to anywhere. You apply shaving cream, and you use the razor to remove the hair.

Shaving your back, however, presents a challenge for the obvious reason that you won’t be able to completely see what you are doing, which means you’ll need a mirror. A freestanding mirror would work best, but a hand-held mirror would suffice in a pinch.

The best time to shave your back is just before a shower. Thoroughly apply shaving cream to your back being sure to cover everywhere there is hair.

Grab hold of a fresh razor in either hand, look over the opposite shoulder at the mirror and shave in long even passes from your low back to your shoulders. It’s O.K. take multiple passes.

Be sure to shave against the grain and overlap each pass to be sure that you get everything. Your back has lots of ridges and hard points. Be careful around the spine and shoulder blades.

To make the whole process easier, you may wish to purchase a razor extender. Once all of the shaving cream and hair has been removed, it’s time to hop in the shower to wash away any extra shaving cream and loose hair.

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Unless you’re ambidextrous the process of shaving your arms is only half easy.

First, run your arms under hot water to open the pores in your skin. Then using your dominant hand thoroughly apply shaving cream to your non-dominant arm. Use your razor to remove all of the hair from the wrist to the shoulder. There isn’t a world where shaving half of your arm is cool.

Shave with the grain and be careful around your elbow. Once the hair has been removed rinse and repeat the process on the other arm.

However, since your non-dominant hand will be operating the razor be sure to move in slow, deliberate strokes.


The best place to shave your legs is in the shower as the water quickly washes away the loose hair and the warm temperature opens your pores.

You can use soap instead of shaving cream to shave your legs, but either will do. Simply apply a thick lather to your leg and shave against the grain, starting at your ankle and moving up.

Just as on your face the grain of the hair on your leg can change direction. Be extra careful around your ankles, knees and especially around the back of your knee where a very important artery is only a few layers of skin beneath your razor.

Fishing Tackle

Now it’s time for the process you were dreading. Use clippers, perhaps with a guide, on your thighs, pelvic area, and family jewels.

As in handling any valuable jewels, you’ll want to be extra careful with them. Once the longer hair has been removed, you’ll need a heaping helping of shaving cream and a fresh razor, because it’s time for the scary bit.

Lather it all up and shave in short, deliberate strokes. But most importantly try and remember that patience is a virtue. The hare may have one the race, but the turtle kept his nuts.

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