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Some Old Hollywood Beauty Tips That Will Definitely Make Your Jaw Drop!!

To raise your hairline

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Some Old Hollywood Beauty Tips That Will Definitely Make Your Jaw Drop!!

“I will not retire while I’ve still got my legs and my make-up box.” Well, no claps for guessing who said that. While Bette Davis was happy with her make-up box (and those gorgeous eyes, of course!), a few of her colleagues were definitely not and took some extra (and strange?) steps to enhance their beauty.


Here are a few beauty tips by some of our favourite Hollywood divas of the era gone by!

1. To raise your hairline

Well what’s a girl to do? If you want a large forehead, you gotta shed some hair. And back in the day, when plastic surgeries weren’t that common, shaving or electrolysis were popular options. Or at least that’s what Rita Hayworth did!

Here’s a fun question for you – how do you think it looked when it started re-growing? Baby hair overload? 😛

To raise your hairline

Image Source: Pinterest

2. For the love of smooth skin

For the love of smooth skin

Image Source: Pinterest

I’m not gonna suggest a mask with 50 different kitchen and/or herbal ingredients or some cosmetic products worth half your pay cheque. Just a sharp blade. Or that’s what Elizabeth Taylor would suggest. Shaving your face is common now but it sure must’ve been difficult with no specific tiny face shavers and blades available back in the day. But the smoothness and the ease with which the make-up just glides on the shaved face must’ve been worth the risk for Lizzy!

3. For a tight jawline

For a tight jawline

Image Source: Pinterest

Well, it’s no surprise that there weren’t no neck slimmers or anti-sagging bandages back then. So, Joan Crawford used the next-best-thing. Gums! She used to chew gums continuously in order to get a slim double-chin free look.

4. Good-old dieting! Or not?

Good-old dieting

Image Source: Pinterest

Judy Garland’s portrayal of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz was iconic. Even though she was seen munching on lemon drops in the movie, her diet off-screen was a gruesome one including coffee, chicken soup and 80 cigarettes a day! This was done in order to quell her appetite and thus, prevent her from gaining those extra pounds. And she was 16!!!!

5. Who doesn’t fancy a facelift?

Who doesn't fancy a facelift

Image Source: Pinterest

You don’t need to get 5 surgeries, just a tape! At least that’s what Marlene did! Marlene Dietrich used a tape and then covered it up with her hair to get the envious look.

6. For the perfect eyebrows!

For the perfect eyebrows

Image Source: Pinterest

Long before the Kardashians came up with the “Eyebrows on fleek”, Jean Harlow had mastered the art. She shaved them right off and then drew them on herself. Eyebrows game strong, eh?

7. Plump that pout!

Plump that pout

Image Source: Pinterest

Again beating the Kardashian family to the race is an old Hollywood diva. There’s no denying the fact that Gloria Grahame’s famous pouty lips could give Kylie Jenner a good run for her money. However, what might come as a surprise to you is that even “The girl with the novocaine lip” had a secret. No, it ain’t some $1000 lip fillers! All she used is some cotton. Gloria Grahame used to stuff cotton in her upper lip to give a fuller and bigger pout!

So, these were our top picks for old Hollywood beauty tips! Every era has its own share of strange beauty tips and regimes. Don’t agree? Well what do you call teenagers sucking the air out of a small cup to get plumper lips (read “Kylie Jenner lips”) then!

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