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Squiggly Eyebrows- See inside What Women are Going Mad About


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Squiggly Eyebrows- See inside What Women are Going Mad About

Talk about twists and turns, the big brow trend of squiggly eyebrows has taken over the fashion world when Promise Tamang, the beauty influencer uploaded pictures of her squiggly shaped-brows onto her Instagram account. She is said to be inspired by someone who had photo shopped their face with squiggly brows. But, this flashy eyebrow shape is now out of screens and being adopted by common people right in their homes.

The internet is already breaking over this snake-slithering shaped eyebrows, and many are wondering how to achieve this new look.

Squiggly Eyebrows

Image Source – Twitter

Let us tell you how to make your eyebrows squiggle-

Are you done with filling and fading out your eyebrows? It is time give your face an artful makeover. Grab a pencil and tweezers, and here is how you get to the work.

Things you will need: concealer, makeup glue for face, and eyeliner of the choice of colour you like.

  1. Use washable glue for flattening hair in one direction prior to using a concealer.
  2. Now set and press the powders for hiding the brows.
  3. Draw a wavy eyebrow with help of gel eye-liner mixed with powder.


Image Source – Preen.inquirer

While this styling trend is a huge hit, some have cringed about it. You like it or not, the fact is squiggly eyebrows are now going to be seen more commonly. Not to mention, eyebrow shaping fashion is now going to the next level, and people are already experimenting with new shapes and colours for their eyebrows.

The new trend has seen many beauty influencers on social media, outlining their curvy brows with bright colours for accentuating the unusual shape. While Promise used black gel eyeliner, you can actually take on to a mix of shades you admire and set a line of followers for yourself on social media.

Places Where Squiggly Eyebrow Makeup Can Work the Best

  1. You can squiggle your brows especially, if you plan to visit a beach or seaside. The natural waves on the water will surely match up to the curves of your brow.
  2. If you visit a Goth-themed party, then wavy eyebrows are your thing. Paint the outline of the brows dark red, purple, maroon for the sombre expression.
  3. Another place you can wear your brow into fantastic wriggly style is a pool party. Head out this weekend to a pool party and surprise your folks.
  4. Of course, any fashion parade or event is a good place to flaunt the newly-articulated squiggly eyebrows. After all, what is the talk of the fashion town can be brought out live with curvy brows on your face.
  5. Wondering if squiggly brows will work at your workplace? Well, why not? If your workplace is all about giving that ‘necessary’ fashion expression, then no harm is going a small step ahead in styling those eyebrows to a new shape treatment.

Image Source – Metrouk2.files.wordpress

Have you tried a new look for your brows? Or have you tried giving your eyebrows a squiggly twist this time for a change? Tell us about your experience.

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