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The Amusing Trend of Ankle Scarves: Know More


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The Amusing Trend of Ankle Scarves: Know More

Winter fashion is one of the best seasonal fashions. Additionally, it is a very forgiving fashion seasons as we can hide our uncomfortable body parts with helps of multiple layers of clothes. When winter is about to arrive, we take out all types of winter clothes out from the back shelves of our closet. This is the season for colorful sweaters, cardigans, coats, jackets, Blazers, knee length boots, caps, skull caps and beautiful scarves.

Scarves add a splash or color and glamour to even most boring of outfits. The best part is that they can be worn with formal outfits, casual look and even for parties. However, today we are going to introduce a completely different kind of scarf that has hit the fashion world like a storm. The sensationally crazy trend for this winter is ankle scarf. Yes! You have not mistaken, you have heard it right, we have ankle scarves doing rounds in the fashion industry now.


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What are Ankle Scarves?

Well! Just as the name suggests they are scarves that have to be worn on your ankles. They are necessarily miniature versions of your own normal scarves. They are even worn and tied as any regular scarf. Just the different being, we generally tie our scarves around our necks, however, ankle scarves are tied around the ankle, near the rim of your shoes.

As bizarre and random as it sounds, this is actually a fashion trend that some people are trying out this winter. You can know more about it and catch up with the trend if you are interested too.


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How to buy or where do we get these ankle scarves?

Though you may see people trying this style on their ankles, ankle scarves are not necessarily readily available in retail or online markets. In fact, you may not find these directly under the name of ankle scarves. Instead, one needs to buy two kids or infant size scarves and wrap it around their ankles to make them ankle scarves.

If the demand for these ankle scarves grows in the future, companies and brands might actually start manufacturing them exclusively in pairs for the purpose of using them like ankle scarves. So, if you are interested to try this trend out, for now, you have to settle for buying two kids or infant size scarves and use them as ankle scarves.


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How to wear ankle scarves

You can make ankle scarves interesting by experimenting with different colors, patterns and textures. You can also use small sized silk scarves instead of the traditional woolen scarves. You wear ankle scarves over sneakers, kicks, loafers and other casual shoes. You can also pair them up with fancy footwear like stilettos, pumps, wedges and knee length boots. For boots, you can tie the ankle scarf from over the boot for a distinguished look.


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Love it or Hate it fashion is ever-evolving and ankle scarves may become a part of main stream winter fashion one day.

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