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The Makeup of the Mermaids!

Makeup of the Mermaids 2

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The Makeup of the Mermaids!

Mermaids are beautiful aquatic creatures having a female upper body while having the lower body of a fish i.e. the tail. Mermaids have been a topic of discussion for many ages now.

While their existence is still being questioned, people cannot get over the beautiful characteristics of a mermaid that we often see in the movies.

The sensuality and beauty of a mermaid is unmistakable wherever you notice them. This has led to women wanting to look like one. And hence the trend of ‘Mermaid Makeup’.

Makeup of the Mermaids

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A while ago, this makeup was trending and tried on by many Instagram and YouTube influencers.
The mermaid makeup is suitable for Halloween parties or any other occasion where being a little ‘extra’ would be the best option.


What differentiates this makeup from the other styles? Meaning how does one look like a mermaid?

You basically create a scaly effect on your skin, resembling the scales of a fish. This can be done by fishnets of various sizes, depending on your preference. You can do this by applying eye shadows and then covering them with highlighters and glitters. Make a few scaly patches on your face. Add some rhinestones or jewels to spice up your look. Adorn your face with these to look ethereal.

 Makeup of the Mermaids 1

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This shimmery, shiny and extravagant makeup helps you stand out. The color palettes used are also different and unique in combination as compared to the others that you use for a daily look. Make sure you choose aquatic, coral and other fresh color shades. This look allows you to play around with different colors. You can add different tones and shades or mix up two or more colors while creating the scales.

To complete your look further, add mermaid accessories made up of shells and corals. You can temporarily color your hair to match with the makeup color theme or opt for a wig.

Makeup of the Mermaids 2

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You can either go full and heavy or simple and light with the look. Also add shimmer and shine to the lips so that they go along with the look. Experiment with colors and be as much creative as you can!

Makeup of the Mermaids 3

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The mermaid makeup should be tried at least once. Follow the guidelines given here and you can also refer various videos to get an idea of the technique. I’m sure this look will make you feel surreal and bold!

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