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The Season to ‘Suit-Up’ Yourself


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The Season to ‘Suit-Up’ Yourself

Any man who is keen on self-grooming, would also equally give importance to good dressing. A man who dresses well is confident and oozes a vibe that the people around him cannot resist.

But for that to happen, he needs to choose his outfit carefully. And what best than a sharp suit?


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Be it a business meeting or a wedding function, suits have proven to be the best attire. They are great at enhancing your personality.

With the latest arrivals of suits in the market, men can be sure to find the best fit for them out of an array of options.

If you’ve never tried them on, now is definitely the time to consider. For those who have, we’re sure you need to keep in mind a few things before you wear it the next time.

So here we have a detailed guide on what all things you should keep in mind while donning a suit.

1. Accessorize well

While an accessory or a few may add charm, it is important to note that going overboard with them will only make matters worse. Choose your accessory wisely and see to it that it complements your suit.

A few all-time favourite accessories are a square pocket, a watch and cufflinks. These are gentlemen’s most precious weapons. They add grandeur and elegance to the outfit and also the person wearing it.

Choose wisely and ensure these do not look out of the element.

2. The ‘fittest’ survives

The most important rule to follow is to wear a suit only when the fitting is correct. A correctly fitted suit complements your body and helps you look more defined and in your element rather than making you look like a sack. It is hence crucial to have knowledge about your fit.

3. Hair is what you should care

You do not want to give away a bad impression with groggy and unruly hair. Your hairstyle is a critical factor in deciding how smart and charming you look.
If you’re blessed naturally with smooth and shiny hair, you only need to set them properly by combing. Or else, using a hair gel is the best option.
You can experiment with different haircuts that look well on the type of suit you’re wearing.

4. Shoes can make you lose

We know people judge you through your footwear when meeting for the first time.
Don’t miss out on good quality shoes that aren’t tainted. Well-polished shoes are a sign of a good personality and grooming. And yes, don’t forget the right pair of socks to match!

5. Etiquettes

Don’t miss out on the most important aspect. No matter how well-dressed one is or how smart he looks, a gentleman is always known for his etiquette.
Your immaculate suit will only look the best on you when you carry your politeness and chivalry along with you!

We hope the next time you’re in a suit, you actually know the in and out of it. With fresh new patterns and trendy cuts emerging, don’t fail to own one of them!

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