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Things to Know Before Using Veet to Remove Body Hair


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Things to Know Before Using Veet to Remove Body Hair

Women prefer to have skin that is smooth and free from hair growth. That is the reason why many women rely on depilatories like Veet to get rid of the extra hair growth on the body. Veet is a chemical combination that works effectively and helps to get rid of hair growth in unwanted areas.

How Veet Works To Help Remove Body Hair?

Depilatories like Veet are chemical substances that work to break down hair structure when they come in contact with hair. As the chemical substances break the structure, the work to melt away the hair. Once you have applied Veet, you can wash away the skin with broken hair and remaining cream. This is a super effective way to get rid of body hair.

Depilatories contain chemicals like calcium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. In some individuals, these chemical substances may cause certain irritation and unwanted Veet side effects. While Veet is FDA approved and among the safest hair removal creams, it may have slight reactions on certain body skin types.

Possible Veet Hair Removal Cream Side Effects

You need to first understand the ingredients used to make Veet to understand the side effects of veet hair removal cream. Veet contains potassium hydroxide and potassium thioglycolate as the major ingredients. Apart from that, Veet also includes minor quantities of other chemical components like glycerine, propylene, glycol, alcohol, urea, sodium gluconate, sodium silicate, paraffinum liquidum and lithium magnesium among others. Here we have listed out a few probable side effects of using Veet to get rid of body hair growth:

Horrendous Body Odour

Unlike many of the other depilatories that have a bad odour right from the start, Veet has a sweet smell when we use it. Yet, when the Veet begins to react with hair growth trying to break it down, a very pungent and despicable odour is released into the air. Veet contains potassium thioglycolate that releases a foul smell as it breaks down the disulphide bonds of your locks. This is just temporary and while the odour is foul, it is much better than many of the predecessor creams used for the same purpose.

Irritation on Skin Surface

People with sensitive skin are prone to face side effects like irritation when Veet Hair Removal Cream is applied on their body. While Veet claims that it causes no irritation or skin allergies, some people who have used the hair removal cream have experienced a stinging sensation on their body. This sensation may arise only in certain individuals of extremely sensitive skin types. Even for such individuals, the sensation may last for a couple of hours or even a few days.

Chemical Burns

The main ingredients of Veet are potassium hydroxide and thioglycolic acid. These break down the hair sooner than it reacts with the skin. So, if applied for the mentioned time duration, it helps you get rid of hair growth without hampering the skin texture. In rare cases when you do not wash away Veet from the skin properly or keep it longer than required, your skin may endure chemical burns. In case of such burns, you may have to apply some topical antibiotics like Polysporin to counter the burns. In case you feel that the burn is very severe, it is best that you contact the doctor immediately.

Allergic Reactions on Certain Skin Types

If you have an allergic body type, consult a skin specialist before applying Veet to get rid of hair growth. Many doctors recommend that people with allergic skin types should conduct a patch test on their skin atleast 24 hours prior to actually using the product for removing hair. A patch test should be done on some non-conspicuous part of the body. You will get to know whether your body is allergic to the cream with the help of such patch tests. Once you know it does not have any allergic reactions on the body, you can use Veet without any fear or hesitation.

A Word of Caution

When you follow the instructions stated by Veet, there are very few chances of hazards or unexpected outcomes. Here are some words of caution to follow when you are using Veet hair removal cream:

  • Always conduct a patch test before the actual application of the cream
  • Do not leave the cream on your skin for more time than specified in the instructions
  • Wash the area clean from Veet cream to prevent side effects
  • Do not apply Veet for hair removal when there are cuts or bruises on the skin

How to Test the Cream for your Skin Before Application?

We often hear that a patch test can help you understand whether the Veet Hair Removal Cream will suit you or not. Here is how to use Veet as you can follow the steps and conduct a proper patch test:

  • Apply a little Veet on a patch of the skin that is not conspicuous
  • If you do not experience any kind of irritation after application, you may let the cream stay for sometime
  • Once the specified time is over, remove Veet with the help of the Spatula

If, during this process, you did not experience any adverse effects or reactions, you can be assured that Veet Hair Removing Cream is safe for use and won’t harm your skin in any way.

Why You Should Not Use Veet For Removing Facial Hair?

Veet is not recommended for use on facial skin. Veet is specifically manufactured to get rid of body hair growth. You need to be aware that facial skin is much more sensitive compared to body skin. Veet use on the face for removal of hair may result in many abominable side effects as listed for your reference:

  • Skin irritation
  • Skin darkening
  • Rashes
  • Allergic reactions
  • Scabbing

If you have hair on the face, opt for facial hair removal creams that are specifically designed for this purpose. Use of Veet on the face may do more harm than good and needs to be strictly avoided.

Specifically-Designed Veet Men’s hair removal cream for Men


The body hair type for men and women are quite different. That is why the same Veet Cream that works well to remove body hair in women does not help much in case of men. The body hair on male bodies is much rougher and tougher. You may make use of Veet Men’s Hair Removal Cream to get rid of such body hair growth. Read along to know how to use Veet cream to get rid of male body hair.

The Veet hair remover is an effective means to counter body hair in different parts like underarms, chest, back or even down below. The cream has been manufactured keeping in mind the specific needs of men. You must however make sure that your body is not allergic to the cream. Conduct a patch test and once you are sure it does not have any adverse impact on your skin, you can apply it regularly to get rid of body hair.

Some Unique Features of Veet hair removing cream for Men

Here we have listed out some unique features of veet mens hair removal cream to help you understand why it is a good choice:

  1. This cream is designed to suit all skin types
  2. The easy rinse off formula makes it convenient for use
  3. It ensures quick results to men

How to Use Veet Hair Removal Cream for Men

Here are some simple steps to follow to get rid of hair for men with Veet:

  • First take a few minutes to read the pack precautions carefully
  • Once you have understood this follow the 3 quick steps to get rid of unwanted body hair as listed below:
    1. Take a little Veet gel cream for men and spread it evenly on the surface of the skin. Make sure the gel fully covers the hair that is to be removed
    2. Instantly rinse off the gel from your hand using water
    3. You must leave the gel for 4-6 minutes but no longer. You may use a stopwatch to time the duration. Remove the cream now. You may start with a small area on the part and if it is getting removed, you may continue.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and then you can dry your face

This quick and easy method can help you get rid of body hair in no time at all.

Some Safety Information for Use of Veet Gel for Male Hair Removal:

Always read the precautions listed before using the gel
You can use the gel in the following parts of the body as listed below:

  1. Arms
  2. Legs
  3. Underarms
  4. Chest
  5. Back

You must avoid use of the Veet Gel in the following areas:

  1. Near vericose vein
  2. On face, nose, ears
  3. Near genital areas
  4. Near the anal region

Proper use of Veet gel following all the precautions can help you get hairfree skin in minutes.

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