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Try These Beauty Tips for Longer and Thicker Eye Lashes


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Try These Beauty Tips for Longer and Thicker Eye Lashes

Your eyes define your face and charm. Bright eyes automatically brighten up your whole face. One of the most important components of your eyes is your eyelashes. Who doesn’t like long luscious and thick eye lashes? Your eye lashes define your eyes; hence, they are a very important part of your face that you need to take care of.


Why do you have fewer eyelashes?

  • It can be due to medical conditions, genetics, or aging signs.
  • It can be even a vitamin deficiency.
  • Few times it can be hormonal changes.

We have put together a list of solutions and remedies you can try to get long and thick eye lashes.

Coconut Oil and Castor Oil :

Similar to your hair, your eyelashes are composed of keratin, a protein. You need to make use of a combination of castor and coconut oil and apply this combination to boost their volume. The long-chain fatty acids which are good for your health, one such fatty acid is coconut oil. The castor oil has follicle stimulating qualities of make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker. Castor oil also combats promotion of microbes.

Vitamin E, Few Drops of Lemon and Aloe-vera Gel:

Combine the Vitamin E with aloe-vera gel and few drops of juice of lemon. Aloe-vera calms the scalp, enzymes present in it promotes the scalp of your eyelashes and ultimately helps the growth of the lashes. Vitamin E toughens and condenses the eyelashes. It also promotes the growth and Vitamin C improves the generation of collagen.

Shea Butter:

To improve the follicle and fuel its growth you can rub shea butter and petroleum jelly on your eyelids. This will promote the blood flow to the hair follicles so that more nutrients reach your eyelashes. This will safeguard your lashes from breakage and thinning.

Caffeine of the Green Tea and Power of Flavonoids:

To make your eyelashes thicker you can dap some green tea with cotton pad. The flavonoids of green tea are great antioxidants combat free radicals which often result eye lash depletion. You can also apply the extract to improve the eyelash growth.

Eyelashes Brushing:

Brushing your eyelashes with comb is akin to brushing your hair. You can try this to stimulate circulation of blood to your lashes and help them grow.

Ice-cube massage:

Massing ice cubes to eyelashes would help clear the grime and dust that settles on your follicles. Ice cubes will help the pores to close and make them stronger. After the procedure do apply some petroleum jelly on your lashes.

Honey and Egg:

As your eyelashes are made up of completely protein, hence, they require protein to help them grow .a Egg also has protein which is perfect for the health of eye-lashes. Combine egg white with the organic honey which has a lot of enzymes and antioxidants essential for the hair follicle growth. Apply this combination with a cotton pad and wash it off once it is absorbed and dried.

Try out these methods to retain and get beautiful and long eyelashes.

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