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Walk Like a Model With These Tips


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Walk Like a Model With These Tips

Walking like a model may seem easy but it is no joke. It needs a lot of style, balance, confidence and finesse. Everyone dreams of walking or posing like models. However, the secrets of the trade are not known by many. To achieve this walk follow few of the following tips.

Pick a favorite model and study them. Everything from the way they turn their head to their fierce runway walk.
These are few valuable fashion tips on how to be poised and stable like a model.


• Your make-up should be minimal to show off your natural beauty
• Always have a pair of heels to achieve the perfect walk
• Pull your hair back so that they can see your face and bone structure
• Have good posture: Stand up straight, shoulders back
• Be honest! It’s okay to tell them if you don’t have a lot of experience. Wow them with your natural ability

Accept and embrace your flaws:

Everyone has flaws such as small calves and a big forehead, you’ve got them too. Even though you should totally believe in accepting my flaws, you should always want to focus on them when being photographed. Every top model knows the secrets to working her flaws. We bring you the behind the screen secrets of top models in the business and how they manage to look , pose and walk so perfectly always.

These are few of the very popular tips to make your flaws and shortcomings work for you when you’re in front of that camera.

Keep Hands on Hips: For Smaller Waist. Placing your hands on your hips generates a background through your arms, which will make your waist look smaller.
Keep your Chin Up: For Smaller Forehead. To cover your broader fore head try keeping your chin up. Not only will it make a large forehead look smaller, it will also elongate the neck.
Keep Tippy Toes: For Bigger Calves. Do you have narrow calves? Why don’t you try Standing on your tippy toes and not on your flat feet, this will make your calf muscles seem bigger than they actually are because they are working harder to keep you up.
Keep your Knees In: For Slimmer Hips. Twisting a knee in will make your hips look narrower. This will also create a space between your thighs, which is something that most women don’t have.
Do Lean Forward: For Smaller Bust. Hunch your back and bring your naval into your spine. This creates a slight lean forward, which will make your bust look smaller.
Do Emphasize on Shoulders: For Narrow Hips. Hips can be a troublesome area of body for many women. To make them look good twist your body to the side and twist your shoulders towards the camera. The focus on your shoulders will make your hips appear narrow.

Walk away and pose like super models now. But don’t forget practice is the key for achieving the perfect walks.

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