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Want Your Lipstick to Last Longer After Applying? Try These Tricks


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Want Your Lipstick to Last Longer After Applying? Try These Tricks

How often does this happen to that you dress really well for an occasion and 15 minutes into the party you sip on few drinks and you realize your lipstick has been faded away. Then, you spend the rest of the party checking on and touching up your make up and lipstick. Generally, lipstick is the part of your makeup which needs a lot of touch ups. However, you can save yourself from such a trouble.


With few tricks and techniques you can make your lipstick last for a long time and you will not need to keep applying your lipstick again and again. The following are the method you can resort to do so:

Exfoliate your lips regularly:

The look of the lipstick will hindered if you have dry skin on your lips. Create a smooth surface to easily apply lipstick. Use homemade lip scrubs like sugar and honey or chocolate lip scrub to smoothen your lips. There are many readymade lip scrubs available in the market that you can choose from.

Pre-application cleansing:

Make sure your lips are completely clean before you apply any lipstick on to them. If you have just eaten, there is a good chance that the oil from the food might still be present in your lips. Make sure you cleanse your lips clean before you apply the lipstick.

Constant conditioning and care:

Lips are a body part that gets dry very easily. Use a lip balm that suits your skin and lips regularly. For a continuous good health of your lips it is important that you keep them moisturized and conditioned. Pick lip balms which contain Vitamin C and E for better and healthier results.

The shade of lipstick matters:

Most people don’t know that the shade of the lipstick has a lot to do with its longevity. Commonly, darker shades last longer than the lighter shades. Hence, try using darker shades for long days or stretched parties. You can save the lighter shades for short events.

Dap some powder after you apply your lipstick:

It is a tried and tested technique of making your lipstick last longer. It is actually very effective in keep your lipstick intact. After you apply your lipstick, place a thin tissue paper on your lips and dap some translucent powder on your lips using a powder brush. That’s it and you will not have to worry about your lipstick for the whole evening.

Primer for proper lipstick:

Invest in a primer. You can primers that are specifically for lips in the market. Primers set your lips and make them smooth. Blot your lips with a tissue paper to remove any excess oil or lip balm. Primers hold the lipstick on your lips for a long time

Quality is everything:

Last but not least, make sure you are using good quality lipsticks. No matter no many measures you take, if you use cheap quality lipstick, they will wear off in some time. Choose quality over quantity.

These were few makeup tips for how to keep you lipstick on for a long time. Hope your lips will be happy with these tricks.

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