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Morning Sickness Home remedies

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“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth and profound beginnings.”

-Anne Christian Buchanan

Yes, motherhood is a blessing, it’s a new beginning! Of all the pain that a mother-to-be undergoes, to bring that blessing to life, morning sickness is the one that needs a mention.

Morning Sickness Home remedies

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What is morning sickness during pregnancy?

Morning sickness, also called ‘Nausea’ is often found in pregnant women during their 1st trimester of pregnancy. It is normal to throw up whatever you eat during that period, not just in the morning but throughout the day in many cases. Each woman and her pregnancy are different and so are the symptoms! Some of the commonly observed symptoms are:

  • Excess saliva
  • Lot of burps
  • Feeling sick with some smells
  • Loss in appetite
  • Stomachache

When does morning sickness start during pregnancy? – Usually around the sixth week of pregnancy.

How long does Morning sickness last? – Except for the 10% of women feel nauseous until their 20th week, morning sickness generally lasts till the end of 1st trimester. Once you reach your 12th or 13th week, you feel better-less sick, less tired, hungrier and more active!

What causes this? – Building up acid when you don’t eat.
Because of the changes in your body during the initial stages of pregnancy, acidity and heartburn increase when your stomach is left empty. It’s like a cycle:

Morning Sickness Cycle

Home remedies for morning sickness

Morning sickness cannot be eliminated altogether. However, the trauma and suffering can sure be minimized by following some simple home remedies:

  1. Start your day with a dry biscuit or bread instead of any heavy breakfast or juice. It tends to help in suppressing nausea for the first few hours.
  2. Try and notice what exactly is triggering the morning sickness in you. Most of all, it could be certain smells due to the high estrogen level in your body. In case it isn’t possible for you to come away from the smell, essential oils can help – Chamomile oil, lavender essential oil, ginger essential oil, peppermint essential oil are some of those which are observed to have come in rescue for many women. You can spray a little on your handkerchief or massage your temples and neck with it.
  3. Keep snacking on nuts and fresh fruits/ vegetables, and chewing small lemon candies throughout the day. Avoid greasy and fatty foods as far as possible.
  4. Keeping yourself hydrated is of utmost importance. Instead of having a glass of water/ juice/ milk at a time, taking small sips of any of your favorite liquids is suggested.
  5. Let the people around you know. Let them know you feel uneasy about certain things. When it’s a mother-to-be asking, the chances of hearing a “No” are less. Share your thoughts and let life be made easier.

Some health tips:

Healthy Diet: There is no rule of thumb; it is recommended that the woman herself decide a tailor-made diet.

  1. Try everything in small quantities and understand what makes you feel better.
  2. Avoid packaged food and processed food, caffeine, food containing sulfur, food with very strong scent. Replace them with food that is mild and bland.
  3. Avoid ajinomoto which is often used in Chinese food.
  4. Rice, ginger, mint, coconut, cooked vegetables are some of the best foods as suggested by most Gynecologists.

Do light exercises:  Heavy workout is of course not recommended. Just light movement and stretching should make you feel less sick.

Acupuncture: It helps in treating pelvic, back pain as well as nausea. Make sure to ask your Gynecologist before you go for it and get it from a licensed acupuncture therapist.

Despite following all those remedies, if you still feel nauseous, it is recommended to see your doctor as it could be a severe form of the condition, termed as ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’.

Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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