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Wear Pearls Right to Look Elegant and Fashionable

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Wear Pearls Right to Look Elegant and Fashionable

Pearls have been a part of women’s and men’s fashion from times immemorial. From Royals to laymen everyone was drawn to the beauty of pearl jewelry time and again. Pearls spell royalty, elegance, and beauty all at the same time.

However, if you wear pearls wrong, it can prove to be a huge fashion disaster. So, let’s learn some much-needed fashion tips about how to wear pearls right to look elegant and fashionable.

Occasion pearls are best suited for

Well, pearls are pretty versatile when it comes to occasions. However, it is important to know about the occasions when one can wear pearls.


Workwear is always about keeping it minimal yet stylish. Pearls are perfect to achieve that look. Pair a single strand pearl necklace with a well-fitted jacket, a buttoned shirt or a silk blouse to pull off the perfect understated yet fashionable look.

Refrain from wearing junk necklaces or very big pearls, those might be very distracting especially with work wear.

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Casual Wear

Many don’t see pearls as a casual wear. However, you can refurbish your pearl necklaces, earrings, pendants as casual jewelry too. Pearl studs or drops look great with almost any outfit. Thin pearl necklaces go really well casual jeans and tees too.

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Formal Events and Special occasions

Pearls are just perfect for formal events. Be it formal gowns, dresses or even for that matter sarees. They go well with all types of formal attire. Pearls would extenuate the solid dresses and fabrics in a better way. You can also wear your pearls to parties, weddings and even date nights. Go with a multi-strand necklace for these kinds of events.

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Different ways you can wear pearls


Pearl necklaces are the most commonly used jewelry type for pearls. However, you may not just stick to the old school ways of wearing necklaces. Even in necklaces, there are many types of necklaces chokers, junk necklace, very long strands, a fusion of multiple colors and many more. They come many stylish and exclusive designs. However, choose the type of necklace you want to wear wisely according to your attire.

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There is a whole world of pearl earrings out there for you to experience. They range from simple studs which are perfect work wear to elaborate party wear designs. You also experiment with different styles, colors, and shapes of pearls. Pearl drops are also gorgeous, especially with dresses.

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Bracelets and watches

Pearl bracelets can be used with multiple attires for multiple occasions. They go very well with work wear. A bracelet can add an extra dash of style to your casual attire. Pearl bracelets have also evolved with time and now you can find junk bracelets and even pearl strand watches in stores.

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Bangles and Anklets

These are specific to our desi attires. Pearl bangles look regal with sarees or other ethnic dresses. These pearl anklets are also gaining popularity.

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Apart from diamonds, pearls also can be girl’s best friends. We have to know how to wear them right. Invest good pearl jewelry to stay fashionable.

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