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Wearable Devices by Myntra: New Fashion and New Technology


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Wearable Devices by Myntra: New Fashion and New Technology

In fashion one day you are in and another day you are out. Lately, the same is the case with the technology in this ever-evolving digital world. Myntra which is most fashion forward e-commerce giant in India has come up with the best innovative way to blend technology and fashion. It is infact its first wearable device that myntra launched.


This device is Blink Go which is a smart wrist bank which will enable the users of the product to watch their health through the fitness tracker on the Blink go. Users can also set some fitness goals in this amazing device. These devices are not useful but they are looking great with many designs and colors.


These Blink Go wearable devices are going to be available from the 22nd June 2018. Especially, it will be available on the Myntra’s flagship and popular sale of the year “End of Reason” sale which goes on from 22nd – 25th June 2018. This is the first smart wearable device of Myntra which has been designed and created within its innovation labs @Myntra-Jabong. This End of Reason sale is its 8th edition of the sales from Myntra. This launch event was held in Bangalore on June 20th 2018.


Let’s look at the features of Blink Go, the wearable device designed and sold by Myntra:

  1. Multi Tracker Support: This is a wonderful and user-friendly feature of the Blink go device. Users can connect one account to multiple devices which will
  2. Leaderboard: This feature makes things interesting and helps the users to keep a track of their fitness levels when compared to other. This also helps users be motivated about their fitness. Through this the leaderboard users can set goals for themselves and also compete with their friends. Leaderboard shows up the user’s rank which is derived from his/her fitness score.
  3. Achievement Sharing: This is also a very useful feature which also promotes the motivation levels of the users. Whenever, users reach a milestone or a goal they set for themselves they can share their scores or can take a selfie and share it with their friends.
  4. Sleep goals and Tools: Sleep is an important aspect of everyone’s health. Hence, it is natural for a fitness tracking device to track user’s sleep. This device helps users to set goals for sleep, set reminders for bedtime and wake up time. The statistics of the sleep of the users are also accessible in this device.

The Price of this amazing fitness device by Myntra is Rs.4,199 and it is available for you to buy on However, This Blink Go is available for discounted prices on the End of the Reason sale from 22nd June to 25th June.

This is not it friends, Myntra is just getting started; this is just a tip of the iceberg. Myntra’s innovation team is working on more exciting products in the fashion and technology space. After thier recent acquisition of Witworks, Myntra is vigorously working on more products. Watch this space for more product updates.

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