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Wearing Untucked Shirts – The Do’s and Don’ts

Half Untucked Shirt

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Wearing Untucked Shirts – The Do’s and Don’ts

Oh, the classic men’s shirt, a clothing essential that has come down through decades, but has barely changed its design, suit jackets, trousers, boxers, inner wear. They all changed, accessories like top hats and walking canes were completely scrapped. But the t-shirt stayed forever and does not seem to be going anywhere either. With its functionality and design shirts can only be work in a few ways. Tucked in, untucked or just worn over and untucked and unbuttoned.

How to wear Untucked Shirt

Below are a few ways to make your shirt stand help accentuate your frame and be the winner of your outfit for the day. Remember, your shirt is the first thing that people will notice so invest in good shirts.

When we say shirts lets talk about the shirts we are speaking of. Always go in for long sleeved shirts, never short sleeves, unless you’re an accountant or want to let people know you work at a boring cubicle every day.

Option 1 – The Simple Pull Over

Untucked Shirt - Simple pull over

This way is often teamed up with a bold shirt worn first and then a shirt pulled over the tee. Make sure you pick the right colour tee and your pants have to match your overall look. A bad mismatch of colour will make your look unappealing and this is not something you want. This look spells, a chilled person who is interested in being free and does not hold on to issues. Linguini from Ratatouille is a great dude to take inspiration from for this look.

Option 2 – The Classic Shirt on Shirt

Untucked Shirt - Classic shirt on T shirt

The button down, sleeves rolled up and top button undone look is a classic and a great example of layering. This look works well if you have a lean and lanky frame. This adds bulk and makes you appear taller. This look reflects a person with a specialized blend of mind who know what they want and are already on their way to fulfilling their dreams. Remember to pair your shirt well with the shirt inside and keep your collar crisp. Famous person to look for inspiration for this one is good old Ted Mosby from HIMYM.

Option 3 – The Classic Button Down

Untucked shirt - button down

This look requires you to ditch the tee shirt and go with the shirt only or a vest underneath. Button up all the buttons and roll your sleeves up just short of your elbow. Sleeve rolling is left to the comfort of the wearer. This look speaks maturity with age and a man with his head on his shoulders.

Option 4 – The Half in Half Out

Half Untucked Shirt

This is the last and least recommended way to wear your shirt unless you’re part of a high fashion photo shoot. This look is only for pretentious models and college freshmen who are new at being hipsters. Whatever happens, if you are above 20 there is no excuse for you to tuck half your shirt in and half out.

Lastly, remember to invest in good shirts or pure cotton and linen. Maintain a mix of stripes, plaids and flat colours. A good wrist watch will add to the look. Not all guys are blessed with forearms of King Triton so put some effort in buffing up those forearms to add to the lines and curves on your frame.

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Feel free to share your views on how to wear untucked shirts in the comment section below.

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