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Winter Essentials That All Ladies Must Have!


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Winter Essentials That All Ladies Must Have!

Can you feel the change in the air? Can you feel the change in your skin texture? I’m sure you can because winter is finally here. Winter requires you to take care of yourself against the windy cold. If you do not follow the winter rituals properly, your body and skin might be in a not-so-good state.
Here I bring to you a compiled list of all the essentials that every girl must have with her and also a few things to keep in mind during winter.

1. Moisturiser

winter best moisturizer cream

Image Source: Mensxp

One of the major characteristics of winter is dryness of the skin. Your skin feels as if it is extremely thirsty and tired. Also the rough texture makes it more irritating. Hence a moisturiser is your very first friend for the winters. Cold creams and moisturisers specially formulated for the winters are great. There are many available in the market to suit your specific needs. But ensure that the moisturiser does not make your skin too oily to bear. Apply in the morning and while going to bed. Reapply in between whenever needed.

2. Lip balm


Image Source: Mockingbird356

Just like the skin, the lips are too sensitive. I’m sure all of you must have experienced cracked lips during this season. Therefore, using a lip balm or a chap stick becomes important. You can have your pick from translucent to the colourful lip balms. Keep applying balm throughout the day as it will ensure soft and supple lips.

3. Hair care

winter hair care tips

Image Source: Netdoctor

Hot water bath sounds like heaven in winter right? But not when it comes while washing your hair. Wash your hair with lukewarm water. Hot water will make your hair dry and brittle. Also, use hair masks and conditioners to keep your hair nourished and moisturised.

Oil your hair well before washing. There’s nothing like a good hair champi! Hot oil makes it all the more better. Go for massages and hair spa if you want to. And make sure you minimise the use of straightening wands and curling irons.

4. Hand & Foot creams

winter hand and foot creams

Image Source: Beautyheaven

TSpecial moisturiser for protecting your hands and feet can be used to keep them soft and hydrated. They not only do their work well but also smell amazing.

5. Warm scarf or mufflers

winter scraf and mufflers

Image Source: Dhgate

Wearing scarfs and mufflers around your neck will keep you warm during winters. Not only that, but it also looks fashionable. You can tie it in different styles according to your outfit to make it look more stylish.

6. Sweatshirt

winter sweatshirt

Image Source: Matshop

Winter calls for sweatshirts and hoodies that keep you warm and cosy. Many printed and stylish sweatshirts are in vogue for their catchiness. Also, large hoodies are what makes anyone look cuter and they’re also too comfortable.

7. Boots

winter boots

Image Source: Dhgate

There are boots specially made for winter that would protect your feet from the harsh weather. Winter boots prevent you from cold and dry feet. Make your to cover your feet and avoid more exposing footwear.

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