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Your Guide for Boot Styles to Be Paired With Different Outfits


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Your Guide for Boot Styles to Be Paired With Different Outfits

So this year is all about new trends and fashion statements. We are getting to see a lot of styles in footwear. Talking about footwear, let us address the topic of our article- BOOTS! It’s amazing to see how boots have evolved throughout the years. They’re currently in vogue and a hot favorite among celebrities. I must say, street style is never really complete without boots.

Boots are now also a favorite for daily wear and while some even just wear them occasionally, it’s imperative to know how to style them. Here, I’ll be talking about the various ways to pair different boots with your outfits. Also, I would be giving you a styling tip (a probable best combination) for every boot that we talk about!

1. Thigh-high and knee-length boots are now the big thing and there’s hardly any celeb that hasn’t been spotted in these. They look good with totally anything from jeans, skirts to dresses. But they look more flattering with short skirts, dresses and denim shorts. These are a must-have for parties and concerts along with glittery skirts and accessories.

Styling tip: Boots + mini skirt/shorts + tank top
Boots + short dress + hoop earrings


2. Uggs are great for winters and ideally are paired with jeans and leggings. However, you would want to avoid them with skirts and dresses but hey, a little experimenting can always be fun!

Styling tip: Uggs + Oversized sweater/coat + Jeans/leggings


3. Combat boot are a favorite of many and go well with almost everything. Black combat boots plus a casual and modern outfit look ravishing. The same can be said for lace-up boots of any length. These two boots scream simplicity yet boldness in a subtle way.

Styling tip: Boots + Jersey dresses


4. Our saviors are the peep-toes, the Chelsea boots and of course our heeled-boots. These are comfortable, casual and great for everyday wear as well. They can also be opted with formals.

Styling tip: Boots + full-sleeved shirt + trouser or boots + formal dress (for business/office)
Boots + top + jeans/long skirt


5. Many women are apprehensive about pairing or rather even wearing rain boots due to the common notion that they look so out-of-fashion. Well, the news is that they’re totally in fashion and can be worn with anything you like. Believe me, they look cute!

Styling tip: Boots + top with 3/4th sleeve + jeans/leggings



  1. Make sure your boots are of correct size. An ugly fit makes them look too big for any outfit
  2. Sometimes, proper color coordination can do wonders
  3. If running low on a budget, buy boots can be suitable for every outfit in every season. E.g.: heeled boots, booties, or wedged heels, etc.
  4. And finally, make sure that you experiment as much as you can. In the process, you may also get to know the style that suits the best on you

So this is how you can pair different types of boots with various outfits to get the look you desire. You may want your look to be subtle or strong, classy or flirty, and many more. With boots, you can be sure to make your statement!

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